South Edmonton Car & Truck Repair You Can Trust

No matter your problem, we’ve got the expertise, equipment and technicians to get your vehicle back onto those pothole marked Edmonton roads. Our goal is to give every single customer the best value possible while solving their vehicle mechanical issues the first time. We do that by diagnosing the real issue and not just bandaging your problem by putting new parts on – we routinely save our customers $100s or $1000s off what the dealership quoted them.

Start by calling us to book an appointment or just to speak to our dedicated team of vehicle repair and maintenance specialists. You’ll love the interaction from the moment we pick up the phone.

Engine & Electrical Troubleshooting

Got a problem that can’t be figured out by your existing auto repair shop? We can help. Our technicians are problem solvers who can quickly find the root of your electrical problem and find solutions to get your vehicle back to that ‘like new’ feeling. If you’ve got problems with the following, you need to schedule a visit to Volt Auto Pro:

  • Dash indicator lights that won’t turn off
  • Car won’t start or battery won’t stay charged
  • Intermittent problems with interior lights/gauges
  • Dimming lights or lights not working
  • Poor idle
  • etc…

Vehicle Diagnostics

Dash warning lights (like your Check Engine light) and unknown noises are the start of a mechanical problem with your vehicle. That’s why we’re here though. Bring your car to our mechanics and let them diagnose and issues with your vehicle. We also diagnose and service Hybrid vehicles (for cheaper than your dealership). We can help if your vehicle is doing any of the following:

  • Clunks, clanks, bangs, squeels or other noises you don’t remember your car making before
  • Dash warnings and lights on your gauge cluster
  • Unknown smells or burning
  • Car feels loose or won’t stay straight
  • Performance/acceleration problems
  • etc…

Suspension and Brakes

Get your brakes and suspension inspected regularly to spot components that are wearing out before they become a bigger issue. Proper maintenance of these components on your car can save you huge repair bills and keep you safer with better steering response and braking performance. At Volt Auto Pro we do everything related to brake and suspension repairs.

Vehicle Tune Ups

Periodically, you should have your spark plugs and wires inspected and your hoses and belts checked for wear. Changing of these parts falls under vehicles recommended maintenance routine but if you are experiencing power loss or hesitation, a tune up may be necessary before recommended intervals. Regular maintenance on these parts can save you from being stranded in the future. 

Wheel Alignments

A regular wheel alignment can save you money in fuel costs and decrease road noise and wear and tear on your tires. Laser precision aligning equipment gives you the most precise alignment available. If your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, you probably need an alignment. Because Edmonton roads are as bad as they are, many of our customers get an alignment every year – we also offer a 4 wheel alignment special FROM $89.99 on most vehicles.

Hybrid Service & Repairs

For the most part, working on hybrids is just like working on most other modern day cars. But working on their engines, computer systems, and advanced batteries requires advanced training and equipment. At Volt Auto Pro, we’ve invested in that training and equipment so we can do everything your dealerships automotive service bay can do, but at local shop rates.

Automotive Maintenance

We are a warranty approved facility meaning you can bring your car or truck to our shop instead of to your dealership for all off its scheduled maintenance. You’ll get the same parts (for a better price), fluids and expertise that they can provide and maintain your warranty status. Plus, our rate is considerably less than the dealership so you get a smaller maintenance bill every time. Trust your car to a local business with your best interest in mind.

Transmission Repair & Servicing

Transmission problems? Volt Auto Pro can help. Our specially trained transmission service specialist is fully equipped to diagnose and repair your transmission. In case your transmission can not be fixed we can rebuild it or replace it for you. Looking to save some money? We can even help you find a used transmission in great working order.

Major Mechnical Repairs

Does your car have a major issue that maintenance just won’t fix? We’re here to help and we understand the situation. At Volt Auto Pro, we can tackle all major vehicle repairs for all vehicle types. Our parts team will find the best replacement parts including complete rebuilt engines, transmissions, or anthing else you need. If options are available to fix certain components instead of replacing your entire transmission or engine we’ll provide those recommendations with the pros/cons of each option so you’re a well informed customer. Contact Volt Auto Pro if you need any of the following:

  • Engine replacement or rebuild
  • Transmission replacement or rebuild
  • Turbo servicing/replacement
  • Cooling system problems
  • Front-end failure
  • etc…

Remote Starters & HID Hits

Our electrical guru has installed hundreds of remote starters and High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlight kits. In addition, we are Compustar Pro authorized installers so you get the guarantee of a professional installation and full manufacturer warranty on your product. We can install any of the following:

  • HID Kits (available for most vehicles)
  • 1 Way Remote Starters
  • 2 Way Remote Starters
  • Security Systems
  • Accessory lighting (fog lights, light bars, worklights, etc)
  • etc…