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Check Engine Light On? We Can Help

Automotive Diagnostics Specialists

Check Engine Light (CEL) on? Bring your car to Volt Auto Pro. Our Edmonton trained mechanics will diagnose and fix your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to find the root of the problem and fix what needs to be fixed instead of just endlessly replacing parts.Got a problem that your dealership can not figure out? Our diagnostics expert will find what others cannot. We will get you back on the road while being friendly to your wallet. Call us, or drop in, to schedule an appointment.

Our Automotive Services
  • Complimentary Inspection Always Included
  • Full-Service Aut0 Repair Facility
  • Specialized Hybrid Equipment
  • Repair All Makes/Models
  • Secured Yard & Shop
  • Easy Access Location
  • Great Shop Rate

Find Out Why Our Customers Love Volt Auto Pro

Great service and friendly staff...

Christine Schubert

This place has great service and friendly staff. There lead mechanic is skilled and knows what he is doing. They installed my remote starter and my mother's as well. They were fast and efficient compared to time and price estimates from others shops. They were reasonably priced as well. I would go back here any time.

Nothing but a great experience...

Ruslan Bergenov
I've had nothing but great experience with Volt Auto Pro. They're very efficient, professional and reasonably priced. Genuinely friendly and give good advice. They really know what they're doing, and their customer service has been consistently great. They've been my one-stop shop for any car repairs and maintenance for more than a year. My favourite car repair shop. I highly recommend Volt Auto Pro.

Very knowledgeable about hybrid cars...

I had a very good experience dealing with Volt Auto. I brought my hybrid vehicle there to get it fixed. I had issues with my charging system they were able to fix quickly and at a very good price. There are very knowledgeable about electric and hybrid cars. It is very hard to find shops in town that know those type of vehicles well. Highly recommend. Thanks guys

Impressed with the staff's knowledge...

Caley Ramsay
The guys at Volt Auto are incredibly helpful. I took in my car this week because it wasn't running properly - the check engine light kept coming on and I didn't know why. They had my problem solved quickly and at a fair price. My husband has a hybrid and previously took his vehicle to this shop because the service hybrid message came up on the dash. He was very impressed with the staff's knowledge, service and professionalism. I would definitely recommend Volt Auto to my family and friends.

Volt Auto Pro stands behind the work they perform...

Chantel Gladue

I have been a Volt Auto Pro customer since they opened their doors. It's a relief to find an auto repair shop with reasonable rates & honest friendly people. I've had an excellent service experience & the issues I had with my car, the service has been above & beyond than what I expected. Volt Auto Pro stands behind the work they perform.

I highly recommend this shop to friends & family since I don't trust anyone else to touch my car! I will continue to be a loyal client because in my opinion it's the best auto repair shop in Edmonton, hands down!

Got the car in the next day...

Rodrigo Resende

Quality service for a great price!

Mike got my car in the next day, after I had been having some electrical problems with my car. He addressed all of my concerns and went above and beyond to get my car fixed in a timely manner. Thanks Mike!

Amazing work and even better customer service...

Ben Pellis

Amazing work and even better customer service. I feel like family whenever I enter the shop and know I am getting an amazing deal on the excellent work being done. Can't recommend highly enough!

They speak french!

Bilel Rocma

Great service great price done fast and they speak french.

Mechanical Services & Specialties

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Is one of your check engine lights or another dash light on?

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Perhaps the best thing we are known for is solving the hard diagnostic problems that others can’t. Our master technician loves a good puzzle.
We also have specialized equipment and testing tools to quickly find vehicle problems.

Vehicle Inspections

Need an Out of Province Inspection (OPI), or a private sale inspection?

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We provide full service vehicle inspections for any reason you can think of.
We are a licensed, Out of Province & Salvage Inspection Facility. We also provide insurance and AMVIC inspections.

Major Vehicle Repairs

Is your engine or transmission having problems operating?

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Engine & transmission replacement is never something you want to have to do. At Volt Auto Pro we will help you understand all the options and find a solution that fits in your budget.

Scheduled Maintenance

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable vehicle service shop?

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Get all the standard services your vehicle needs at Volt Auto Pro. Our rates are far better than the dealership and we like to think we love our customers more too. Oil/fluid changes, brakes, belts, suspension and everything else you need.

FAQ’S & News

  • How long has Volt Auto Pro been open?

    Volt Auto Pro opened its doors in 2016 with a group of automotive technicians that all have more than 10+ years of professional mechanical experience. Our expertise in managing a shop is pretty extensive too as our management team have successfully ran both dealership and private service bays.

  • What types of cars/trucks do you repair? Any specialties?

    At Volt Auto Pro we service all makes and models you see driving around Edmonton. Our technicians are experts in diagnosing issues across many different platforms, engine/transmission types, or other automotive components.

    We do have some areas of speciality though:

    • Hybrid vehicle servicing
    • Electrical & warning light diagnostics
    • Ford/Lincoln models – we have specialized equipment that lets us do everything that a dealership can do and more.
    • BMW – we can provide additional mechanical services included ECU updates, full diagnostics and even model specific ECU performance tuning.
  • How often should I change my car’s oil?

    The simple answer is every 5000km.

    Many modern vehicles have extended oil change intervals now. We have seen intervals of 12,000km or more!

    While the manufacturer may feel that is safe, due to Edmonton’s roads and the typical driving we do, we recommend an interval no greater than 10,000km.

    Did you know we sell Oil Change Packs? You save some money and they can be used for any of your vehicles. Great for fleets and households with a few vehicles and drivers.

  • My Check Engine (or Service Engine Soon) light came on. What should I do?

    Don’t panic. Modern vehicles have many engine and transmission sensors designed to find problems before they become a major issue. But, that does not mean you should not take action. We recommend you do the following:

    • If operation appears normal (braking, acceleration, gear shifting) you should call us  and book a diagnostic so we can figure out what’s wrong. We’ll get you in as quick as we can.
    • If operation is not normal – poor acceleration, strange noises, trouble shifting, etc – stop driving your car and contact your tow truck company to have it towed to our location. We will have it stored in our  locked compound until we can diagnose the problem.
      Don’t have or know a reputable towing company? Call us and we can either recommend or help coordinate the entire process for you.
  • My mechanic says I need a costly repair. Can you provide a second opinion?

    Absolutely! One of the things we pride ourselves on at Volt Auto Pro is in being able to solve the problems others can not and providing alternative solutions to costly repairs if the safety of the vehicle, and you, can still be maintained.

    Sometimes this means we take some extra time to diagnose a problem and replace a $100 part instead of a $1500 part.

    Bring us your vehicle along with the diagnosis the other shop provided and we will either beat their price or figure out what is actually wrong so we can save you some money.

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